APC announcement

posted by josh on 10.02.12

After 13 years, I have decided to leave "A Perfect Circle" with no plans of returning. Apologies to those inquiring about upcoming shows.

my absence on the APC tour this summer

posted by josh on 05.24.11

I'm sad to report that I will be sitting out the 'A Perfect Circle' tour this summer. Maybe the hardest decision I've ever had to make professionally and it hasn't been easy on me. I've been looking forward to APC reforming for years now and the timing just couldn't have been worse. I'd already committed the time to Weezer and I am a man of my word. As much as I hate to have to miss the APC tour there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it.

I get asked all the time how I manage to "do it all." Well, usually I do "do it all" and it's a combination of working really hard and driving myself and my family a bit crazy. But SOMETiMES it doesn't work out and this time I'm forfeiting something very close to my heart and something that I take a great deal of pride in. I've never apologized to fans of a band for not being able to be there for something so I'll take this opportunity to do it here. I'm sorry that I'm not going to be there with APC this summer. I've missed other tours with other bands over the years but this one has been the toughest pill to swallow.

The APC guys have been unbelievable cool, understanding and supportive about my situation. Yes, they're bummed but no, they don't hold it against me and all is well with us. They are true friends and I'm very much remaining the drummer in the band and look forward to being involved again on whatever we venture off to do next. Hope to see you guys out at a show sometime either later this year or in 2012......ya never know.

my new friends

posted by josh on 03.29.11

Hey everybody. I know it was said that I was releasing a new batch of "special packages" yesterday but have decided to push it back until Friday, April 1st when I officially release "My New Friends." I will tell you though that I was trying to keep the stuff to a minimum but with the help of Tommy Lee, Danny Lohner, Johnny Knoxville, Dexter Holland and Twiggy Ramirez there are quite a few good things that will be available and up for grabs. Come on back ya hear! Oh yeah....the Lambo ride from hell with Danny Carey is still available!

2011 update

posted by josh on 01.11.11

Yeah, it's ridiculous that it takes me 6 months to write anything at all here on my web-site and when I do I don't even say a whole lot but THAT'S all going to change this year (so I say.) Anyhow, 2010 was a busy year for me and I got do some cool things. Played a bunch of live gigs with A Perfect Circle, Devo, Weezer, The Vandals and even squeezed in a gig with Sting (Stewart Copeland just HAPPENED to be in Dallas at the same time of course and came to watch from the side of the stage as I played my first gig in 8 months with Sting on NO rehearsals....sure I was nervous....at least for the first couple songs.) Throughout the year I was in the studio working on records for Social Distortion, The Offspring, Joe Cocker, Slash, Katy Perry, Cher, Megadeath, Devo, The Dwarves, Gavin Rossdale, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Ricky Martin, etc...anyone that would have me quite honestly! I did some random television and film score sessions as well.

Some live gig highlights were Devo playing the 2010 Olympics outside of Vancouver, The Coachella Festival and Lollapalooza out in Chicago. I did a bunch of good shows with Weezer all over the United States, Canada and went to the UK for the Reading and Leeds Festivals. The Vandals played some gigs with Bad Religion in So-Cal and made it over to Hawaii for a couple small club shows that were a blast. Most surprising though was "A Perfect Circle" creeping to the surface after almost 7 years of being completely silent. I was flying out of LAX to play a week of shows with Weezer and ran into Billy Howerdel at the airport. He was like "we're thinking about gettin' the band back together." And I was like "Umm...OK!" We shook the cobwebs off and did a 3 week tour in November which felt good to do. I love APC and it's been way too long since we've done anything. We played 5 cities on the West Coast (3 nights in each....except for Vegas where we could only get the venue for 2 nights.) People came from far and wide to see us and it was cool playing those songs again and being on stage with those guys. They'll be some more APC action in 2011 but I don't have all the details quite yet.

In the midst of the APC tour my wife and I had our 4th child which was incredible but raised the chaos bar a bit during that time. We marched right through it though and somehow pulled it off. My wife's a trooper for hanging in there while I was in and out town for that first month. I was there for the first 3 being born and didn't want to miss this one. So we induced labor on a day off I had between the LA and Seattle shows. I was stoked to have not missed the 4th and final. With my travel schedule the way it is it's kind of a mini-miracle that I've managed to be there for all my kids births. It wasn't easy and to say things were hectic trying to coordinate all that would be an understatement. I think I'm still in denial about having 4 kids. I mean...am I out of my mind? OK, don't answer that. Well, of course I'm out of my mind but I also know we're good, responsible parents and hell...there's really no turning back now is there! In the end I feel very lucky and fortunate to have 4 beautiful, healthy kids.

OK, enough of that crap! Back to rock music! I finally finished off my upcoming E.P. titled "My New Friends." It's 5 songs that were written for 4 guys (yeah, Tom Mrzyglocki got 2 of em...hey, he paid more!) that bought the chance to have songs written about them. It all tied into the release of my "Since 1972" record in 2009 and the different "packages" that I sold on my web-site. I'm proud of the record and worked hard on it. It's coming out on "Outerscope Records" on April 1st, 2011 and I'm releasing 3 videos that go with it. 2 of them are shot and edited and I'm starting work on the 3rd this week. There will be some wacky "package" type things that I'll put up on this website when "My New Friends" comes out but it won't be nearly as elaborate as the last batch were.

So, Weezer is on a short break right now and in the meantime I am doing some sessions here in LA and going on a 3 week tour with Paramore in South America. Seems their drummer up and quit and they needed someone for a handful of shows they had booked. I'm not joining the band. Just basically helping out for a bit. A Perfect Circle has some recording plans but nothing too major. Not necessarily a "record" but going in to cut a few songs and see how it goes. Looking forward to more live stuff with them later in 2011 at some point and I'm sure more scattered dates with Weezer, Devo, and The Vandals (who will hopefully/probably do some recording this year as well....we'll see. Maybe a concept album about getting unfairly bullied, harassed and wrongfully sued by Variety magazine, the "Bible Of Hollywood" BOYCOTT VARIETY!)

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